About us

The Growth of Soolutions: From Webshop to Marketplace Platform

Founded in 2013, Soolutions began as a webshop for EV charging solutions and has now become a leading marketplace platform for consumers and businesses. Expanding into over 30 countries in 2015, Soolutions has established itself as a global powerhouse in the EV market.

In 2018, we added installation services, creating a seamless purchase-to-installation experience for our customers. A year later, in 2019, we launched the Configurator, allowing customers to customize their charging solutions.

With the partner program launched in 2021, Soolutions strengthened collaborations between all players in the EV charging industry. The introduction of the partner portal in 2022 marked another milestone, further robusting our ecosystem.

Soolutions stands for innovation, customer service, and strategic partnerships, continuing to pioneer in making electric charging accessible.

The Charge Configurator will help you find the best charge solution

Are you uncertain which product is best for your home charging needs? Our Charge Configurator is an intuitive platform that asks all the right questions to determine the best charging solutions for you. Once you select the option most suitable for your needs, you can immediately schedule a home installation with one of our certified installers.

The Charge Configurator gives you peace of mind throughout the selection, purchase, and installation of your new home charging station.

Business to business opportunities

Are you a business interested in leveraging our Soolutions webshop and Charge Configurator platform? We offer white label options where you can re-brand our platforms and take advantage of the great products and services we offer.

If you are interested in finding out more, please click “Contact us” to discuss options.

We are Soolutions

We are a team of highly motivated entrepreneurs with a mission to simplify the experience of purchasing an EV charging station. With changing car charging requirements, electricity grid variations, and a wide range of charging options, finding the right solution can be overwhelming and challenging. We strive to provide the customer with accurate and relevant information and offer an easy, stress-free process to purchase and install the best EV charging solution.

We offer expert customer service in various languages (including English, Dutch, French, and German) and pride ourselves in high customer satisfaction.

Soolutions is headquartered in Utrecht and we have team members throughout the Netherlands and Germany.



More than 10 years of charging infrastructure experience
  • Only high quality products We only work with the best brands
  • Outstanding customer service Non-stop available between 9:00 and 18:00
  • Super fast delivery 2-3 days shipping through all of Europe