Shipping your order

  • The exact delivery time depends on the stock and demand for product and per product shown on the website.
  • All orders in the Netherlands are sent via PostNL Parcel Post and DPD for all other European countries.
  • The delivery times below apply if the order is made before 11:45 pm on business days
  • Please note that delivery is not always made during the weekend.
  • In some cases the item you have ordered is temporarily sold out and you will have to take into account a longer delivery time.
  • If the item you ordered is not in stock, you should take into account an average delivery time of 5-10 working days and for some products up to 4 weeks
  • You can always request your order status at any time via this website by logging in with your account or you can contact our customer service

Shipping method

Items are always sent in a protective envelope or in a box.You will receive most items in the usual way.For articles that do not fit through your letterbox, the PostNL employee on duty will ring the bell and the package will be handed to you.

In other cases you will be asked to sign for receipt.

Shipping costs and delivery times Within Europe


Shipping time in workdays

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

Category 4


4 - 8       x


4 - 8       x


4 - 8       x
Australia 2-3 weeks       x
Austria 2   x    


4 - 8       x


4 - 8       x
Belgium 1 x      
Bosnia and Herzegovina 4 - 8       x

Bouvet Island

4 - 8       x
Bulgaria 4       x
Croatia 4     x  


4 - 8       x
Czech Republic 2 - 3   x    
Denmark 2   x    
Estonia 3 - 4     x  

Faroe Islands

4 - 8       x
Finland 2 - 4     x  
France 2 - 3   x    
French Southern Territories 1-2 weeks       x


4 - 8       x
Germany 1 - 2 x      


4 - 8       x
Greece 6       x

Holy See (Vatican City State)

4 - 8       x
Hungary 2 - 3   x    
Iceland 6        
Ireland 2 - 3     x  
Israel 1-2 weeks       x
Italy 2 - 3     x  


4 - 8       x
Latvia 3 - 4     x  
Liechtenstein 2 - 3   x    
Lithuania 3 - 4     x  
Luxembourg 1   x    

Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of

4 - 8       x


4 - 8       x

Moldova, Republic of

4 - 8       x
Monaco 2 - 3   x    


4 - 8       x
Netherlands, The 1 x      
Norway 2 - 3     x  
Poland 2 - 3   x    
Portugal 3 - 4     x  
Romania 3 - 4       x

Russian Federation

4 - 8       x

San Marino

4 - 8       x
Serbia 6       x

Serbia and Montenegro

4 - 8       x
Slovakia 2 - 3   x    
Slovenia 2   x    
Spain 2 - 3     x  

Svalbard and Jan Mayen

4 - 8       x
Sweden 2 - 3     x  
Switzerland 2 - 3   x    
Turkey 1-2 weeks       x


4 - 8       x

Shipping costs:

The shipping costs depend on the region to which the orders must be sent. To make this clear and insightful we use 4 different shipping categories. We do not charge shipping costs if the value of the order including VAT is greater than the value indicated in the last column:

  0-10kg 10-30kg 30-50kg Free over
Category 1  €        6,95  €  12,95  €    19,95  €  150,00
Category 2  €        9,95  €  14,95  €    21,95  €  300,00
Category 3  €      19,95  €  24,95  €    31,95  €  400,00
Category 4   €      24,95  €  31,95  €    39,95

 €  500,00

All shipments to countries outside the European Union are exempt from VAT. They are liable to customs duties and to VAT of the destination Country and must be registered with the relevant Customs Administration by the recipient for assessment of fees to paid by him. In the case of consignments sent by courier services, registration is taken care of by service providers (e.g. DPD, DHL, UPS, etc.) who will collect the  moneys from the recipient upon delivery.            

Track your order

With every order you will receive a track and trace code from us with which you can track your order

If your order does not fit through your letterbox and you are not present at the time of delivery, you will find a message in the letterbox with the nearest Post agency where the package can be picked up. It can also happen that your order is delivered to neighbours. However, we cannot influence this.

If you have received a shipping confirmation from us and the package has not been offered within the above delivery time, please contact our customer service. ATTENTION, delivery times are indicated in working days.


Returns of orders

You can return undamaged items, we apply the following conditions:

  • You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day on which you or a third party designated by you, who is not the carrier, takes physical possession of the good.
  • After you have made use of your right of withdrawal, you then have 14 days to return the items
  • The item is in its original condition and if reasonably possible in its original packaging. The s must have no visible usage characteristics
  • If you make use of the withdrawal period, the costs for returning the product will be for your account

We kindly request you to enclose the packing slip or (copy) invoice in the packaging. For a quick and correct handling, it is important that you first report the item back via the link below. You only need your email address and order number to start the return process

Request Soolutions return


You can return your products to:

Soolution E-commerce B.V.
Attn. Return & Shipping
Krombraak 4
4906 CR Oosterhout
The Netherlands

PLEASE NOTE Exceptions to the right of withdrawal are: products manufactured according to the consumer's specifications, which are not prefabricated and which are manufactured on the basis of an individual choice or decision of the consumer, or which are clearly intended for a specific person;

Warranty conditions

1.1 Soolutions E-commerce grants a two-year manufacturer's warranty on material and / or construction defects on all products supplied. All this also insofar as further described in the warranty provisions supplied with the equipment. Repairs carried out by Soolutions E-commerce are covered by a one-year warranty on material, construction and / or repair errors. Soolutions E-commerce will not be bound by expressions and actions of third parties with regard to its guarantee scheme. In the case of a consumer purchase, these warranty conditions apply without prejudice to the rights or claims that the law grants to the Customer.

1.2 This guarantee does not apply in the event that other parties then Soolutions E-commerce have improperly carried out repairs, or have made changes to the equipment, or if there has been non-normal and improper use.

1.3 Handling claims with regard to warranty by the Customer Claims from the Customer that are covered by the factory warranty must be submitted to Soolutions E-commerce and are handled by Soolutions E-commerce, unless an arrangement has been made in advance between the Customer and Soolutions E-commerce that amounts to Customer himself with Soolutions E-commerce authorization can handle these claims.

1.4 Processing of claims arising from the consumer purchase scheme (after warranty) Claims from Customers arising from the consumer purchasing legislation are submitted to Soolutions E-commerce. Soolutions E-commerce undertakes to process these claims within a reasonable period of time.

1.5 Treatment of these claims or repairs carried out by third parties or repairs carried out by the Purchaser itself without authorization from Soolutions E-commerce, are for the account of the Purchaser, lack the warranty on repairs by Soolutions E-commerce and do not otherwise bind Soolutions E-commerce, unless Soolutions E-commerce is demonstrably in default or is otherwise unable to handle the claim in accordance with the legal rules.

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