Dutch startup Soolutions raises capital through SeedBlink for growth market in home chargers for electric cars

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Invest in Soolutions: Empowering Sustainable Electric Mobility

Explore a unique investment opportunity with Soolutions, a cutting-edge cleantech startup driving the future of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Capitalizing on a Booming Market

Soolutions, a pioneering Dutch company specializing in EV charging solutions, is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry. As the electric vehicle market continues its rapid expansion, investing in Soolutions through SeedBlink provides a gateway to tap into this flourishing sector.

Seizing Growth Potential

The ongoing investment round, which targets a total of 2 million euros, has already secured significant commitments from lead investors, underscoring the high confidence in Soolutions' vision and growth prospects.

Leading the Transition to Green Mobility

Soolutions is at the forefront of the green mobility movement, offering a comprehensive range of charging solutions for electric vehicles. With the global shift towards sustainability, Soolutions is well-positioned to capitalize on the rising demand for clean transportation options.

Advantages of Investing Through SeedBlink

SeedBlink, a prominent European co-investment platform, opens doors for investors to participate in Soolutions' success story. By investing through SeedBlink, you become part of a larger ecosystem that supports innovative tech startups driving positive change in various sectors.

"Soolutions' strategic approach aligns seamlessly with the evolving electric vehicle landscape. As a leader in EV charging solutions, their commitment to innovation and sustainability makes them an attractive investment opportunity."

- Robbin Hoogstraten, Regional Manager of SeedBlink Benelux

Seizing the Green Future

The electric vehicle market is on a trajectory of remarkable growth, with projections indicating a substantial increase in EV adoption by 2030. Soolutions stands ready to address the critical need for robust charging infrastructure, making this investment an avenue to support both sustainable mobility and a greener tomorrow.

Founder's Vision for Sustainable Living

Joury de Reuver, the visionary founder of Soolutions, envisions a world where homes are powered sustainably. By integrating EV charging solutions with renewable energy sources like solar panels, Soolutions empowers individuals to embrace eco-friendly living while making a positive impact on the environment.

Join the Green Revolution

Investing in Soolutions is more than just a financial opportunity—it's a chance to be part of the green revolution shaping the future of transportation and energy.

For inquiries and investment details, visit SeedBlink and become a stakeholder in Soolutions' journey toward a sustainable, electric future.

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About Soolutions

Soolutions, a Dutch leader in EV charging infrastructure, offers innovative solutions for electric vehicle owners, businesses, and communities. With a commitment to sustainable mobility, Soolutions' comprehensive range of charging stations and services caters to the growing demand for convenient and eco-friendly transportation options.

For more information about Soolutions, visit Soolutions Investment.



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