Soolutions, Wallbox and E-Flux join forces

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  • By P. van der Meijs
Soolutions, Wallbox  and E-Flux join forces

Easily offset the charging costs of your electric car with the E-Flux back office.
Driving Electric is on the rise. Not only for business drivers, but also for individuals purchasing an electric car or using a private lease contract. At Soolutions we see an increasing demand for home charging stations. This makes a lot of sense because you charge where you park, and most of the time you park at home.

Thanks to a collaboration between Wallbox, Soolutions and E-Flux, it now possible to automatically settle transactions with the employer or the leasing company. This is a great next step in making electric driving more accessible! 


Use your public charge card on your home charger 

For the users of home charging stations, it is nice if they can automatically get their energy consumption reimbursed from their employer or leasing company. With the E-Flux back office it is possible to automatically settle the cost of the home charging. Just using your existing public charge card. 


The charging station owner sets the price per kilowatt hour based of his own energy contract. The costs are then passed on to the public charging card provider which they invoice to the employer or the leasing company. Next, the charging station owner gets the costs for the home charged energy back from the charge card provider.    


Thanks to the open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) option that Wallbox has included in its products, Soolutions can now offer an affordable alternative to automatically settle transactions with your own charging card. This allows business drivers to no longer depend on a nearby charging station to get their home energy reimbursed, but allows them to charge at home with an affordable and reliable solution. In addition E-Flux offers 24/7 support for every back office user in combination with a Wallbox charging station. 



On October 27, Soolutions became the first independent station provider in Europe to install a  Wallbox charger with support for roaming and automatic reimbursement. By using the back-office of E-flux, it is now possible to pay for your home and public charging with a single charge card.  


"The charger was quickly installed and connected. Everything has been neatly delivered and I have had an immediate explanation about the system. With a short  phone call to check the connection  it was directly possible to charge with my own charging card. All home charged energy is now automatically settled with my charge card provider." , according to the soolutions customer. 


Customized installations and advice 

Would you like to know more about this application or are you interested in a charging station at your home? The experts at Soolutions are happy to explain you all about it. We provide various charging points including installation that allow your transactions to be settled automatically.  


About Soolutions 

We facilitate the energy transition by making renewable technology easily accessible and affordable anytime, anywhere. If you know what you need, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at In addition to the sale of the charging points, Soolutions also takes care of the installation and management. By using the Charge Configurator, you have selected the right charging points with the matching installation with a few simple clicks. In 2013, we have already helped thousands of customers across Europe find the right charging solution. 


About Wallbox 

Wallbox is a leading energy management company that manufactures smart charging solutions for electric vehicles. Combining state-of-the-art technology with exceptional design, Wallbox creates a smart ecosystem that improves the way we manage, use and store energy. Created in 2015 and with its headquarters in Barcelona, Wallbox’ mission is to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles today to make a more sustainable use of energy tomorrow. 


About E-flux 

At the end of 2017, our story began. The market for electric driving was already quite moving but something was missing: flexibility. The freedom to choose a back office provider for the desired charging station. With this vision as a foundation, E-Flux started building an independent platform. E-Flux focuses purely on developing a high-end EV platform. In addition, we offer services to our partners and customers. In this way we connect all parties in the chain and we can offer one total solution to the end customer.