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  • Plug Type: Vehicle Side
  • Connection: Wall side
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Pulsar Plus - Type 2 cable

Wallbox Pulsar Plus - Type 2 cable

€819,00 €749,00

BS20 App control - Type 2 cable

Besen BS20 App control - Type 2 cable

€599,00 €469,00

Pulsar Max - Type 2 cable

Wallbox Pulsar Max - Type 2 cable


Zappi - Socket

Myenergi Zappi - Socket


Zappi - Type 2 cable

Myenergi Zappi - Type 2 cable


Go - Socket

Zaptec Go - Socket

€809,00 €749,00

Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Socket

CTEK Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Socket


Commander 2S - Type 2 cable

Wallbox Commander 2S - Type 2 cable


Start - Socket

Ratio Start - Socket


Start  - Type 2 cable

Ratio Start - Type 2 cable


Smart - Socket

Ratio Smart - Socket


Solar - Socket

Ratio Solar - Socket


Solar - Type 2 cable

Ratio Solar - Type 2 cable


Smart - Type 2 cable

Ratio Smart - Type 2 cable


Copper SB - Socket

Wallbox Copper SB - Socket


Commander 2 - Type 2 cable

Wallbox Commander 2 - Type 2 cable


Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Two Type 2 cables

CTEK Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Two Type 2 cables


Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Type 2 cable

CTEK Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Type 2 cable


Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Two sockets

CTEK Chargestorm-Connected 2 - Two sockets


Copper SB - Shuttered socket (T2S)

Wallbox Copper SB - Shuttered socket (T2S)


Pro-line - Socket

Alfen Pro-line - Socket


Pro-line - Two sockets

Alfen Pro-line - Two sockets


Design your own mounting pole

Soolutions Design your own mounting pole


Type 1 Car to Type 2 Charging station adapter

Soolutions Type 1 Car to Type 2 Charging station adapter

€189,00 €149,00

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Buy charging station type 2 for home

The charging stations type 2 from Soolutions are stations that you can easily use at home to charge your electric car. When installing your type 2 charging station, you can choose to install it yourself or have it done by a professional. Our charging stations are both safe and friendly to use, so you can enjoy carefree charging of your car. For example, our ChargePoint Home charging stations can be operated via a handy app that allows you to remotely see how full the battery of your electric car is.

At Soolutions we are constantly looking to give you access to charging infrastructure in new and simpler ways. Our new Charge Configurator is the tool for anyone looking for a home charging point.

On this page you will find type 2 charging stations with a charging cable attached. This way you can immediately start loading, and you have all the right supplies at home. Our products are of high quality as we only work with renowned brands in the industry such as ChargePoint and Ratio. The charging stations not only have a type 2 charging cable that is integrated in the charging stations, you can select the length of the charging cable yourself on the product page. This way, you can tailor your charging station entirely to your charging needs.

In addition to the delivery of the type 2 charging stations, we are also happy to help you with the installation of the charging station. Do you have questions about one of the products? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Charging station type 2

A type 2 charging station is very common in the Netherlands. Most European electric cars are made with a type 2 connection. Therefore, chances are that when you have bought a European EV, you will need a type 2 charging station. You will find them all at Soolutions.

EVs with a type 2 connection

The type 2 charging stations are compatible with many electric cars. Do you want to know whether you need a type 2 or type 1 charging station? Then navigate in the menu on our homepage to the type of car you have, then only the products that fit that car will be displayed. Cars with a type 2 connection include models from Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and more.

Charging station type 2: 1 phase or 3 phase charging?

You will find two variants within the type 2 charging stations:


  • 1 phase charging stations - These charging stations can be connected to any meter box in the Netherlands. The maximum speed of charging is lower than that of 3 phase type 2 charging stations.
  • 3 phase charging stations - Optimal use is made of the 3 phases available in the Netherlands. This so-called power flow is not always available to your home. Check this with your network operator before ordering a 3 phase type 2 charging station. Moreover, your car must also be suitable for this. This means that there is a 3 phase onboard charger in the electric car.


Type 2 coupling cord

It is possible that you have a type 1 or type 3 connection on your electric car. However, this is not useful, since many charging stations along the public road are a type 2 charging station. That is why you can buy a connector at Soolutions with which you can connect your car to a type 2 charging station. This way, you can easily charge at any type 2 charging station, and you will never be without power.

Safety first

Because we offer brands that are of high quality, you can be sure that you can load safely. For example, our type 2 charging stations are equipped with a built-in protection that regulates the power supply, so that no dangerous situations arise.

Insight into your charging status with an app

Some of our type 2 charging stations have their own app. With this you can always and everywhere check how far your car is charging, and you can set the charging session as desired. For example, you can only charge during off-peak hours, so that you do not incur unnecessarily high electricity costs.


In addition, with the app you can see which charging stations are available in your area so that you do not arrive at a charging station to find out that it is already in use.


That way, you can load exactly the way you want. If you have any questions about this app, you can also contact Soolutions.

Have your charging station installed

If you need help installing your charging station, this is no problem. Please indicate this when ordering your charging station or contact us about this. Our specialists will then connect the charging station to your home and give you a detailed explanation about the use and maintenance of your charging station. That way you can safely get started with charging.

Need help with a charging problem?

Even if you have additional questions after installing your charging station. Contact us any way you want (phone, chat or email) and we'll help.